Revenue Retriever is a revolutionary new system, helping owners and managers of veterinary practices who are concerned that staff or locums may not be following protocols consistently or missing charges off customers’ bills

Working within your practice management system, Revenue Retriever analyses all your invoices to work out where products and services have been delivered and billed inconsistently. It provides reports and benchmarks to help you identify the scale of the issue and where the problems lie.

Revenue Retriever also works in real time to catch omissions and errors while consultations are still in progress, so your staff have the opportunity to provide the complete service, offer appropriate extras and ensure they have added everything to the bill.

The system generates configurable smart rules from your data, which are triggered as your staff add notes to the practice management system. If it spots that a product or service is missing, it can either add them automatically, or prompt the member of staff and record their decision.

Want to see more? Watch a short demo video of Revenue Retriever to see how it works - click on the image to 'play'.


If you have any concerns about staff and locums following best practice and billing in full, please talk to us about a review of your practice data, or sign-up now.