Welcome to Revenue Retriever, a revolutionary SOLUTION for veterinary missed charges!

Designed by vets, for vets, Revenue Retriever works with your Provet practice management system to put you in complete control of your clinical transactions - preventing revenue loss and driving profits straight to your bottom line!

Working in real-time to increase your practice profits, Revenue Retriever ensures invoicing is accurate and consistent, in addition to allowing clinicians and locums to always adhere to clinical protocols and best practice.

How does it work? Revenue Retriever identifies the problem and helps solve it in just three stages, starting with an AUDIT.

The next stage is for Revenue Retriever to prevent non-compliance and stop missed charges in real time!

When a clinician is building an invoice within your Provet system, Revenue Retriever's AUTO-PROMPT will intervene in real time to indicate an error and suggest a solution.

For critical charging protocols, the 3rd and final stage, AUTO-CORRECT, is activated. Rather than prompting, Revenue Retriever automatically modifies invoices to enforce billing procedures before payment, ensuring these charges are never missed!

To increase profits, eliminate missed charges, and ensure clinical protocols are always adhered to in your practice, sign up to Revenue Retriver with your Provet Cloud ID and make missed charges a thing of the past!

Want to see more? Watch a short demo video of Revenue Retriever to see how it works - click on the image to 'play'.


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